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Welcome to WordPress look forward to reading more stuff from you all.

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Hello World!

This is the inaugural post for CoinBlog.Co, and I am so excited to get this thing off the ground, and hopefully heading towards the Moon! The mission of this blog is to be “Your source for cryptocurrency content”. I wanted to avoid being a source of just “news”, or “info”, etc. because here in the cryptocurrency space we like to have a little fun as well. So in addition to the meat and potatoes articles and opinion pieces, I will also be doing things like meme contests, funny pictures, fan videos, trollbox, and anything that you, the viewers demand.

If you like the content on this blog, please, don’t be passive! Join in on the conversation and post comments, share things you like (and things you don’t like), and get into contact with me or another content creator on this site and give us your feedback. We’d just…

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