Dogeparty Runner: Day 2


I am going start out with the positive aspects of this system that has been establish for the Dogeparty Runner Game before delving into the problems I currently have with the game.  The Game mechanics are same you would find in any App base game that is currently on everyone’s phone. You are given a level and you have to beat in order to move on to the next level. The same works here for this game you have to solve a problem and then you move on to the next problem the following day.

In this case I have to solve this problem Here:

Helium-3 Harvest Quartet

Enter the answer in the box below and provide my email. But if I do not answer the question correctly a little red light flashes indicating my answer is wrong and I pretty much have to keep on answering until I get the question correct. Now, like a lot of the current Game systems you have means of enhancing your ability to play the game by buying something to help you along. In this game you can buy a hint or a clue to help you solve the problem. In the beginning of the game you are giving two of each and one buys a clue or hint. There is no guarantee that as the game progress you will receive more clue and tokens from the game makers. So, you can go to the open market here and obtain more hints and clues if need be or sell them to open market. While these game mechanics make the game interesting and something that can be easily accessible to the public the game itself could leave much to be desire.

Here is my problem this game for me personally is too hard. I have not been able to answer the first problem even thou I did receive an email for access to the second problem it did not come with a token in my wallet. The second problem is the following:

Cyrnpto Tufeur Aemid, Rnictrdopeao’s most popular asset

I have one hint and one clue token left and I have decided to spent a hint token to help with the answer for this one. While the game-makers state that the theme in around pop culture the questions, clues, and hints are just too obscure for me to answer. I well keep playing but for the first demonstration of this game I feel that the game maker’s could have gone for something less “techie” and more “everyman”. I do believe the makers do have something here with the mechanics but if wish to demonstrate it better if something with a boarder appeal.

Will Keep Reporting.