Call to Action: Help Us Track #Police Shootings


The reason how this came about was a report was seeking some statistical numbers for a story involving a boiler encounter between the police and an individual The numbers he was looking for was how many police shootings have occurred in his area. He was shocked to find that the FBI , local law enforcement agency, Major News Agency, Univeristy, look at anyone who you would assume keep track of such numbers none of them did, and no database in the country existed at all. This is an effort to remedies the situation.

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Police Line You Don't Want To Cross Police Line You Don’t Want To Cross

There is no publicly-accessible database of shootings by US police officers.

Let those words sink in.

While you’re at it, consider that the words “Law Enforcement Officer” and “Peace Officer” are meant to refer to the same thing.

This thing.

Which brings us to:

Now we’re asking for your help. Police shootings, particularly police shootings of unarmed black people, have gotten out of hand. Or, we think they have. We think they happen a lot more often than can possibly be justified. But we don’t know for sure.

Help us know for sure.

Kyle Wagner at Deadspin launched the call in a blog post last week

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