Dogeparty Runner Game Day Three


Day Three : As far as game play was the same as the last two days I did not get anywhere in solving the problem. The only differences is that there was an issue with the dogeparty wallet and not all of the Hint and Clue tokens submitted where getting to their proper place. Which meant that these tokens were not redeemed and no new hints and clues where given for that day. The Game-makers did send an email out acknowledging the issue and resolve the matter latter in the day allowing for people to get back into the game.

Now I have been in contact the people who made Dogeparty Runner Game and then been great in allowing me to vent my frustrations and also break down what they were trying to do when they created this game. What it comes down to in the day and age of readily available information it very hard to come up with a problem or ask a question that some one cannot so easily Google. A dilemma that I think they have solve and how to make the game appeal to everyone is a problem I do not envy them solving. Also have made contact with other Runners who were on the same path as myself and one Runner who was solving the problems. We all believe that the game mechanics were great but we all look forward to the next game and see how we fair better next game.