My Thoughts on P2P Companies: Is It All A Game Of Musical Chairs


The game of musical chairs is something many people learn how to play at school or someones birthday party as a child. A very fun game to play in a large group setting all you need are enough chairs to play, and a great sound system to play the music. The rules are pretty simple you have  X amount of people, take the amount of people minus one chair, everyone will walk around in a circle around all of the chairs while music is played, when the music stops you make a mad rush to sit down in a seat, the person without a seat is out of the game,  you remove a chair ,and you repeat the process until there is only one person standing.

Why I thought of this game is when reading this article here and listen to this podcast here a political term that is name because of this game came to mind. The political term “musical chairs” describes the act of changing one set of leaders for another set put the system remains the same and no real substantive change occurs.  The article  and podcast touch on the subject of the Emerging Economy that is happening in the world right now. This New Economic Emergence is refer to as the “Sharing Economy” which is built around the concept of P2P theorems and philosophy . The Bitcoin block chain is built out of this principals and it is why it is so revolutionary because it works and take on the stresses of a Global Market.

The article specifically delve in to the fact that many Bitcoin companies with their new found wealth should give back to the community that help develop the resource that is allowing them to make a living which these companies are not doing. More specifically contribute to the Core Development of the Bitcoin Block-chain. The podcast hit on the same theme of giving back in this case about Uber and Lyft not allowing their drives/employees be stake holders in the company or even on of their own free volition make them stake holders. What got to me thinking of musical chair  (slowly cause me to sink in a depressive funk is all of the companies Bitcoin, Uber,..etc) is that these companies are using the P2P concept and greatly benefit from it economically but are behaving in the same manner as the Business that places us all in this bad economy in the first place. 

For example all of the companies that take subsidies from the government and then move their HQ into another country. The these same companies after doing this want to keep all of the economic power and might of being an American Company. So, are we just play a game of musical chairs with these new P2P companies ? Or am I being paranoid?