Today I Got Some Items For Helping People Understand Dogecoin


I had gone to my local print store and went to pick up my prints. What I had order 50 Brochures and 50 Flyers

that would enable me to better engage with people when I talk to them about Dogecoin. The Flyers are more for a lark and I plan to stick them up at the College Campus and goofy places around town that have a lot of foot traffic, but the brochures are serious business. I feel that in order to encourage more adoption of Dogecoin and Crypto-currency in general we as a community need to put in some face-time with the general public. I am looking to create a meet up group for my area, establish a nice location for the meeting, and just to try my best to actively engage people in to the Dogecoin community.

I will also be testing the waters on the use of LocalBitcoin there is not a seller within a 100 miles of my area and I think that if I make enough inquires in my area locally it would be a viable way to be a crypto-coin group close to me.