NFL Dogeparty Token


Many people are trying different things with the Dogeparty Token from discounts for shopping at their site, help financing a Co-opt Farm, and paying the developers of the Dogecoin. This use of the NFL Dogeparty Token is having Shibes play in a   Football pool and if your team wins you get paid in Dogecoins. This Dogeparty Token Game System was created by  Redditor u/paleridr44 whom I like to call Madden Shibe. Madden Shibe monitors the game system,  distributes the dogeparty tokens when needed, payouts the dogecoin, and updates all the Shibes via his own form r/NFLDogeparty.

Now they’re Three Types of Tokens that were disrupted before the kickoff of the NFL Season to  all 37 Shibes  playing the Game. The Grand Prize of 500,000 Dogecoins is at stake along with some personal pride. Now here are what the  type of tokens are and what they represent.

Team Tokens- Base on Preseason Odds on who will Win the Superbowl the Team Token you have selected could net you some serious dogecoin. Also to make things interesting throughout the season because Shibes did not get just one Token but multiply Tokens for the same team, if your team wins on Monday Night Football you Win 50 Dogecoins multiply by the number of Tokens you are holding. In my case I have a Cardinals Token 14 and if they win  tonights Monday Night Football have a pay out of 700 Dogecoins. At the end of the season

Player Tokens– At the End of Season the Player With the Best Stats Will Win a Piece of a Prize Pool of 35,000 Dogecoins broken down in 19 Categories with payouts ranging of 1500- 50 dogecoins. Some of the categories are seasons MVP to Most Interception.

My player Tokens are Eddie Lacy Green Bay Packer Running Back

Eric Berry  Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Back

New Player Tokens- This Token is a trade-in Token you can trade for an NFL Player that did not exist before the creation of the game. Your guy you pick is injured and can no longer play trade him in for a New NFL Player.

I am very excited for this Football Pool it is going to be a lot of fun and nice way to combined two hobbies of mine together.

That is All.