My Bike and White Privilege Revisited


A Little More Sauce

A few weeks ago, I posted this about how riding a bike for transportation has helped me to understand white privilege. And it has gotten quite the response. Way more hits than anything else on the blog. Almost 1,000 comments so far. Obviously, this is something people want to talk about.

A lot of people said it was helpful, but lots of other people told it was dumb or terrible or racist. So I’d like to respond to a couple of the arguments and critiques that I see as themes in the comments.

First, a lot of people pointed out that the analogy fails at the point where I choose to get off my bike. I think this is a really valid point to make. The experience I have as a cyclist—the disproportionate sense of power, the inequity of our road system, the fear of getting squashed—those all disappear for…

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