Reviewer’s End: Grayson


All it seems DC is doing right now is rebooting the universe, pissing off the best writers. and thus forcing these writers to leave the company. You SUCK NOW DC.

I’m reviewing all the “Future’s End” comics DC are putting out this month! Every issue they’re putting out is set five years into the future of the current storyline, as part of their now-annual ‘gimmick month’ idea. As a result, each issue is a one-shot, basically, telling a possibly standalone story about the future of their current heroes.

So let’s head next to Grayson, and a review I’ve put off a little while because I have a very subjective stance on the comic which I doubt many other people would have had. The issue is by Tom King, Tim Seeley, Stephen Mooney, Jeromy Cox and Carlos M. Mangual.


Here, King takes on scripting duties himself – he was originally thought to be an advisor on the Grayson series, being a former spy himself, but has instead quickly proven himself to be an adept comics writer – for an issue which…

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