Reddit , Stocks, Crypto, and You


Reddit made an announcement yesterday that it had raise 50 million in funded to help with making improvements, hiring, and general overall welfare of keeping the site and company of Reddit going. The  One of biggest part  announcement out that is the investors into this 50million fund have pledge that 10% of the stock options will be giving to community users of Reddit .How these stock options will be given to Reddit Users has not been disclose but the method that the Reddit team would like to use is Crypto.

Meaning Reddit would like to use a Counterparty/Smart Contract option to disperse these stocks to Reddit Users.  Which Crypto method has also not been discuss this is after all just a press release but imagine the possibility. On the heels of Overstock making a similar announcement about a month ago doing an internal Overstock created crypto-stock option and now this by Reddit the world of Peer to Peer keeps getting brighter.

Imagine if Dogeparty was the method pick by Reddit to preform this task.