Bitcoins and Gravy Episode #36 &


A great talk about some peer to peer services that are up and running.

Bitcoin Portal

On today’s show John travels to San Diego to speak with Paul Puey, the CEO and co-founder of, a mobile and web app company soon to be launching a Bitcoin wallet on iOS and Android. Airbitz is also a business directory that helps you find merchants in 14 different countries where bitcoin is accepted. Paul talks to us about the launch of their bitcoin wallet in a few weeks and how the Airbitz wallet differs fundamentally from many other bitcoin wallets.

He also speaks with Sam Patterson, the Operations Lead for Open Bazaar is an open source project to create a decentralized network for commerce online using Bitcoin – that has NO fees and cannot be censored. Sam talks to us about Multisig addresses, notaries, arbiters and how the peer to peer transactions and open source code of OpenBazaar is going to change how we buy and sell…

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