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Musings Of A Shibe


                                      SHOW NOTES 

Episode 1: The Beginning 

This is the first episode of the Musings Of A Shibe Podcast and  this show I talk about   I also give a bit of my origin story and howI became involve in the world of Dogecoin. 

 Here are the links to articles and subjects  brought up on the show in the order they have happen.    Main Website 

R/DogecoinReddit Front Page of the Internet 

Litecoin     Main Website 

R/Litecoin  Reddit Front Page of the Internet 

Bitcoin  Main Website 

R/Bitcoin  Reddit Front Page of the Internet 

                   Gecio 500 Talladega Speedway 

 Meet Up   at Talladega Speedway to see Josh Wise and some fellow Shibes 

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