Dogecoin as a Mircolending Platform Wins Grand Prize for the Youth Citzen Entrepreneurship Competition Run by UNESCO and the Goi Peace Foundation


UNESCO every year holds a competition  to engage young people from around  the Globe to think outside of their perspective boxes and come up with ideas to radical improve the world. This event encourages young people to develop business plans, ideas, charitable concepts, solutions for their country , the world over and compete against one another. One of these ideas was Micro- lending with Dogecoin  a financial idea that is taking  the crypto-currency and using it in the micro-lending world for the better. The idea would elimate the banking fees associate with micro-lending, a greater easy of usage, added transparency, and the people would need the funds would have more money to do what needs to be done.

This idea came in first place in the competition and now the creator of the idea is doing a tour through Europe to drum up added support of this idea and accept his grand prize in Berlin. This idea also needs your help in funding for the 5k to raise to get the project going. There also an effort to become part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Project for a Mobile Payment System using this idea develop for the UNESCO project.

Check Out the Links Below, Support the Project and  if you are in Europe please meet up and have some fun with fellow Shibes.

Original Idea

Project Forward Project Going Forward Part 2

Bill and Melinda Gates Projects

Tour Dates


Dates City
11th-13th Berlin
14th-16th Prague
17th Salzburg
18th-19th Hallstatt
20th Salzburg/Innsbruck
21st Innsbruck
22nd Munich

You can check on the Funding Status of the Dogecoin Microlending Project Here.