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Musings Of A Shibe Podcast 

Episode 2: 

It is a Bit of A Mess 


October 16 2014 



Theme: Trust but Verify attributed to Ronald Regan is actually an old Russian Proverb that Regan was found of saying in speaking about the USSR. 

  1.  Some Good News 

               Josh Wise will be racing car #98 at Talladega 

             Josh Wise Dogecar 2015 Fund  possible three races 

                  1.   Helmet   Contest Dec 18 2014 

                  2.  Die Cars  people are getting their Josh Wise Cars 

  1.  Some new  Discovery 

In Dogecoin a Profile System called Addie seeking to be an API for Crypto currency users and Business. Instead of typing in your crypto address all the time just your name to pay for and receive funds from business. Much similar to for Bitcoin except it is not built on top of any block chain and is not using the namecoin token. Right now three places of business accpet the Addie API but more are sure to come as easy usage becomes apparent. 

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Dogeparty had its second hang out this weekend with more to be plan and an effort to communicate  with the Dogeparty community . Dogeparty has made some upgrades to its wallet system address many of the issues users have had in regards to  withdraws.  Progress on a Dogepartytipbot and the Federal Regulation Requirements that maybe facing Dogeparty. Newsletter 2# 


Bit Licenses New York Regulations EFF 

Sharing Economy Farming  


Moolah Ltd   

Alex Green  



Arrest  Arrest2 

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