Adoption of Cryptocurrency in Physical Business.


Right now there is a lot of adoption of Cryptocoins as a payment system on online business which is a great and thing. It is natural for the “Internet” of money to be adopt by Internet base business. If cryptocurrency is going to be adopt beyond the tech savvy and trendy people in the world it needs to be in physical business.  A company seeking to push the adoption of physical business in adopting Cryptocurrency as a method of Payment is Snapcard. Snapcard has a program in which they are giving away 500 POS devices to business in the San Fransisco area for free.  This is a push by Snapcard to encourage adoption but in particular adoption of their POS devices by business. Snapcard allows the acceptances of Bitcoin and Dogecoin by merchants who place these devices .

Snapcard is not the only business going after the physical business market GOCoin is doing the same thing. 2015 will be know as the year of the physical business adoption of Cryptocurrency.

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