Dont Kick The Dogecoin


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October 29 2014 


Do Not Kick The Dogecoin 

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NEWS accepts Dogecoin as a payment for a subscription services and as atipbot systems  done by the creator of Reddit dogetipbot Mohland. 

Doge4eSports: High School e Sport League has match this Sat 11/1 2pm CDT on  is giving away prizes to views who watch the match live through the use of Dogeparty Tokens.  They also have a new Sponsors  and the Dogecoin Foundation controls the Wallet. They could use some more sponsors for the remaining Matches and with accepting Dogecoin as a payment and tipping options could draw in new customers to any business that does it.  

FinCen: Finincal Crimes Enforment Network announces two new regulations that is going to make being a Cryptocurrency Business very difficult. Follow this with news that SEC is investigation up to Seven Cryptocurrency business and sending out hundreds of letters of warning. It not exactly a good thing or but what most people had expect the government to do. Save it for next episode. 

Moolah : The SEC is investigating Alex Green and his companies. In England a court ruling has come down on behalf of a Customer that was rip off Syscoin 750 BTC that Alex Green has to pay the amount back. Why I bring this up again beyond that fact that this is an on going thing is How did Alex Green aka Ryan Kennedy get away with so much coin. It has not just to do with the fact that he is a scammer it also has do with Wallets and Private Keys and who holds them. 


Wallets are the means upon which you hold your coins in with a public key and a private key. The public key is the Dogecoin address you commonly use to send and receive Dogecoin and begins with a D follow by the rest of the 16 alphanumeric address. The Private Keys is the 16 alphanumeric address beginning with a 6. 

They come in Five formats 

Hot Wallet-  are wallets directly connect to the internet through website interface, app, or a browser. You do not control the private keys of your coins. For example is a Hot Wallet. is a hot wallet  App version Dogekeeper  The merchant service provider All social tipping services are hotwallets and you do not control your private keys. and Redditbots. Twitter bot. The Facebook APP that is down.  All exchanges use hotwallets. 

Cold Wallet-  QT wallet a USB  hard drive wallets, Serve that cannot be access via the internet contain the wallet with the public and private key.   Light Wallets: Multidoge and WoWDoge. Use an exchange that also uses Cold Wallets/Storage that is verifiable.    

Paper Wallet- you print out on a piece of paper your private key and public key to safe guard your wallet. Dogecoin Paper Wallet 

Multisig Wallet- you must have more than one signature in order for coins to move. For example now has Multisig wallets if their site is hack your coins are protected because you have to sign off on the sending of coins and the hackers are not going to be able to get to your coins.Escrow Services use this system. 


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