Dogeparty- Show off Dogeparty Assets Platform


The developers of Dogeparty had a Google+ Hangout number five in which they discuss the Dogeparty Assets platform that is currently in testing phase. This site will allow people to register their dogeparty assets on the site and cab sell and trade them across the exchange. This site will also have a proof of ownership component in the site to demonstrate that an individual registering an asset is the legitimate owner of the state asset,. They’re plenty of more features on the site that many individuals are claimer for from this system and other Counterparty like system.  The plus of this new site is that because Dogeparty is built on Dogecoin and not Bitcoin the wait time for confirmations and other actions are significantly reduce due to the dogecoin 1 min confirmation time. The exchange will run much better and is not going to get bogged down in confirmation hell like other Crypto 2.0 platforms because it is not built on Bitcoin but Dogecoin.  Please watch the Hangout to see the system for yourself and check out the website in the links below.
Website:  Dogeparty Assets