SF New Tech Crawl: An opportunity to learn more about the sharing economy


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The 2nd annual New Tech Crawl took place in San Francisco last week. It was the opportunity to visit some of the city’s most impressive and innovative companies. All of them participate in the same movement: the sharing and collaborative economy in the Silicon Valley. This new economy, built upon peer­to­peer services, is changing people’s daily life while providing a community spirit and a sense of exchange and sharing.

SF New Tech Crawl perfectly illustrated this trend in different fields.

  •  First, the visit started with Prezi, the cloud based presentation tool which allows you to create a more diverse presentation through zooming and customized mapping. Prezi is one of the best example of the sharing economy, because of the worldwide access to everyone’s presentation
  •  The following startup was Medium, the online newspaper which gathers « Everyone’s stories and ideas »: everyone can share stories and have the…

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