DogeDigger is a Scam


This is an expert from an article publish yesterday at Daily Doge

In recent weeks, a new mining initiative called “DogeDiggers” has been making the rounds in the Dogecoin community. According to their website, they plan on creating an investment portal enabling Dogecoin users to indirectly invest in Bitcoin mining. In other words, they accept Dogecoin investments and use it for the purposes of purchasing Bitcoin mining equipment. Mined earnings are distributed to investors in the form of dividends.

Naturally, the proposal was met with much skepticism by Dogecoin users — especially when one takes into consideration the recent unfolding of the Moolah scandal. For those unaware, Moolah raised funds for a very similar project called Moofarm. The project ran two separate rounds of fundraising (Wave 1 & Wave 2). Due to a number of very foreseeable issues, neither wave managed to produce a return for investors.

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DogeDiggers  has since the publishing of this article shutdown all social media sites and the main dogediggers site may have been shut down by Dutch Authorities. This is still an unfolding an event with more information coming out by the hour and will update as soon more information becomes clear.  Full disclosure  I bought One Token from the company which was 580 dogecoins I am out of and never see a return investment on. The most important part is I talk about it on my show and have recommended it to people to check out even if I did emphasis they should do their due diligence I still feel bad about the recommend .