Uber: For better or worse, this is the way the media works now



Every once in a while, I think it’s worthwhile to step back and look at just how much the media landscape has changed in a relatively short time — and the latest example of that is the growing controversy over the behavior of some Uber executives, who appear to be threatening journalists and possibly using data on their customers in ways it was never intended to be used. Whatever you think about the company’s actions, it has been fascinating to watch the story unfold.

Some comments on Tuesday from Spencer Rascoff, CEO of real estate service Zillow, got me thinking about this again: in a series of tweets, Rascoff noted that the Uber story has been developing in real time through social platforms like Twitter, on blogs and through new-media outlets like BuzzFeed — which has been out front on the story from the beginning — and only secondarily…

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