A Fool and their Dogecoin


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Was a mining company taking places in the Netherlands  that claim it would mine in BTC and payout it in Dogecoin.Depending on how much you invested you would receive an X amount in payout in Dogecoin. The company had three rounds of fundraising in the first round receive a Token for every 580 dogecoins you invested in . The second round 800 dogecoins for the same type of Token. The tokens came from the Dogeparty system but Dogeparty had not yet release its Dogeparty Asset Platform when this was all taken places. The reason why DogesDiggers was determine to be scam was that its listed business license did not belong to the company. Once the Dutch authorities were notified the main site was taking down by them the other social media presumably by the scammers them selves. The amount of Dogecoin scam from the community was 7 million which is $1500 value.   Also other key red flags about the site where brought up and not answer by anyone respectful with the company.  

Dogeparty in a future episode as I describe my experiences with the Dogeparty Assets Services what people can expect with the token system.                                                               Sean’s Outpost has been call in to questions by Ben Donenberg on of the founders of Dogecoin. 

 How can you protect yourself from scams and business not living up to their obligations.                                                                    ask questions of the company you are dealing with directly? 

ask questions in the forms? look to see if in the scam watcher this person or company is listed? 

use common sense and do you due diligence? Remember if it is too good to be true than it probably is? It is okay to be anonymous but actions speak louder than words? Transparency is the key?                                                                                                                                                                




Black Friday 

Bitcoin World –  6,000 Merchants are signed up for that day.  

DogecoinWorldhttp://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/2n2ng8/only_4_dogecoin_merchants_signed_up_for_dogecoin/ only four merchants of signed up we need 60. 

Awesome Stuff 

MagicDoge a Company that sells Magic the Gathering Cards for Doge and Litecoin 

Games4Doge – Announces its winners for the Dogecoin Theme Video game contest.  

Race to the Moon. A printable board game to help introduce people to Dogecoin Coolest thing micropayment wall in order to get the PDF file. 

Shooter Jennings : Back Catalog, Live Albums, New Albums,  and entire label  all up for Bitcoin 

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