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I had done a guest post on Coinwarp.net a great site to get one’s news on Dogecoin and other Cryptocurrency news. I very much would like to Thank Them for allowing me to guest post on their site and  encourage all of my followers to check them out.

One December 8, 2013 Dogecoin was released in to the world, created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, and my personal world has never been the same. I joined the Dogecoin community via Reddit on December 13, 2013 and embarked on adventure into the cryptocurrency sphere, and I am not exaggerating when I say that my life has not been the same ever since. Before, Dogecoin I thought I was a tech savvy person and would often be the go to person in my family and amongst my friends to handle anything computer/internet-related. Then I downloaded the Dogecoin Core wallet and began my first fore into learning what a computer can really do. Before downloading my first wallet I did not know what an *app data*, or a .dat file was. I, in fact. did not even know what these two things existed on my computer. When I tried to mine my first batch of coins on my laptop and had to learn to configure my first miner program to complete was an absolute disaster. But, when I went to Reddit to seek help in understanding these two points not only did I get a clear and consciences answers to what I was doing, both right and wrong, but people in particular within the Dogecoin Community gave me step by step instructions and clarity.

Through the subreddit on Dogecoin I began to ask questions about technology and did not feel dumb or was considered a nuisance because I was a noob. One of the many reasons Bitcoin technology in general became a turn off to many people, including myself, was that when people sought to understand how to use Bitcoin the more experienced users were unwilling to take the time to help “noobs” to understand Bitcoin. To be honest it felt like it was beneath them to explain anything about Bitcoin simply because “noobs” did not understand basic “tech knowledge”, so why explain anything to a “noob”. -Personal Rant **“noob” seem to be a very derogatory, almost a pejorative use by not all but quite a few people in the Bitcoin community towards people who fall in the category of “noob”. On the Bitcoin subreddit they have “ Mornic Monday” which is the designate day to ask any questions about Bitcoin, which just a wonderful way to attract new people to Bitcoin. End Rant- The opposite can be said about Dogecoin, when it came to “noobs” it was a pleasure for the member of the community to help them out.

From the very beginning of its history “noobs” were encouraged to join and participate within the Dogecoin community, in fact it was the precept of the community to help one another out if at all possible. If some people were experienced on managing wallets they would share that knowledge with everyone within the community. Tutorials began to pop up right and left, there was always someone within the Dogecoin community forms no matter where the form may have been hosted, to answer questions and guide people through the process. To this day whether you are someone new to community or have been around cryptocurrency from the beginning through Bitcoin if you have a question there will be someone willing to answer it for you. Those who can’t help directly will guide you to someone who can, or to any of number of tutorials made available to the answers you needed. Better yet, follow up with you to see how you are coming along with the solutions to your question and see if additional help is needed.

It was from this generosity and patience demonstrated by Dogecoin community that I began to read white papers, participate in forms, create my own blog to share Dogecoin with people, began to learn how to program, and I have even created my own Tokens through Dogeparty. I would never have approach any of these activities before being introduced to Dogecoin and participating in this community. If it had not been the willingness of the early members of the Dogecoin Community to share knowledge and most important to make sure I understood the knowledge that is being shared. I would not be participating in the most important technology advancement in human history the “Cryptocoin/Blockchain” and be part of a movement that will give people their Economic Freedom.
So, while many articles will come out in this week celebrating the various achievements made by Dogecoin, whether it is the Sochi Olympics, making Tipping on the internet viable, faster confirmation time, or any of the many great accomplishment that have come out of this wonderful community, I am going to celebrate Dogecoin Community willingness to embrace the “Noob”.


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