Attitude Adjustment


Musings Of A Shibe Podcast :Ep 09 Attitude Adjustment

GAWminers vs CoinFire  Coinfire a Bitcoin news site was hack after publishing an article that they had been working on for Months about the claims of the owner(Josh Garza) of GAWminers having his own coin call Paycoin being used by Target, Amazon, and Walmart for payment of goods.

There have been tit and tat going back and forth since the Hack of the Company.

Uber Being Sued for Fake Toll Charge in Massachusetts.

Uber Digging up Dirt on Journalists  who write bad reviews or articles about the company.

ButterFly Labs


Perious Metal for phones

Tech Companies and NSA

Tech Companies and Paying of Workers

labor voliations  Servant Class

There is an attitude in Tech where you need to give me your money because my *what eves I made* is so awesome Thank Me and Worship the ground I walk on you Dummy.

Bitcoin turn off for many is if ask someone for some help even if you have some technical know how you are treated like a moron.

It is I can do it why cant you dummy?

Even when seeking assistance going through forms the instructions are poorly articulated. Because the one given the instructions does not want to take the time to explain it at level for a general person and includes a prefers before going through the explanation do not bother reading or asking for help if you do not under x, y, and two trains leave the station at the same time…. I am not going to help you….

The thing that enables many in the tech world to develop and create the products they produces also does not allow them to have the ability to deal with people very well. It various to no people skills, to little, to passing, and a manageable level. It seems increasing reality that the Tech World does not value people at all.

Now who is running these companies is not the legacy system per say for a number of the companies. Its not the Baby Boomers its Gen X and Gen Y who is developing the technology and business in this space. As I have spoken before with the advent of this technology and the increase disruption of existing system.

  • We need asks are selves is this disruption good ?
  • Healthy for the economy and society as a whole?
  • Who is running these companies?
  • What is there philosophy ?
  • How are they running there companies?
  • Are we playing a game of musical chairs?

To think about companies that are being develop, spend funds, and are we truly being better than the ones that came before us or a far worst version of the business that we are fleeing from.

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