Doge4Uniforms – Dogecoin has sponsored a school in rural Cambodia


CESHEO, a free school in rural Cambodia has received a helping hand from the Dogecoin community in the form of brand new uniforms for the students to wear. Under the title of Doge4Uniforms the fundraiser for the uniforms rocketed toward its goal, with Dogecoin community members from reddit, twitter and IRC all donating generously. The same community has also sponsored the Jamaican Bobsled Team, a NASCAR driver and the Doge4Water project which provided water for impoverished people in Kenya.


The students were delighted to receive their uniform baring both the CESHEO logo and the infamous Doge meme that started the coin. Most of the children only own one shirt that they wear every day, and receiving a brand new shirt is a huge deal for them, it has a positive impact on their happiness and will instil a sense of pride and belonging among the students. Doge4Uniforms has fulfilled the students wish of having their very own uniforms, so that they can feel just as important and valued as the richer families who can afford to send their kids to a government school with a formal uniform.

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