Dogetipmas Day 2: Aww Yiss. 25 Million Dogecoins




Remember how we said that this would be the 12(ish) days of Dogetipmas? Well, here’s why:

Giving away 25 million Dogecoins in silly and unique ways is rather hard.

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of blanket tips to multiple users at once (call them rains, soaks, etc). They just feel so impersonal. I’ve always preferred to see people receive tips for what they actually do — whether it be making art, music, videos, comments, or… just making me lol in Twitch chat.

So, as a massive “Thank You” to all 76,000+ dogetipbot users (and future users too), Wow Such Business will literally be giving out 25 million Dogecoins over the next few weeks, months, or however long it takes.

Here’s the catch, though — we’re going to do it the Dogecoin way. Doing a “every new user that signs up to dogetipbot gets X amount of Dogecoins” promotion is way too boring (and easy)…

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