Blasting My Bubblegum Gun In The Air


Musings Of A Shibe Podcast: A Dogecoin

Peer to Peer Sharing Economy Show

Ep 15: Blasting my Bubblegum Gun in the air

  • Plans For The New Year
  • Patreon February Launch
  • Dogeparty Tokens
  •   Interviews with people from within around the community

More Guest Spots


CES 2015 in Las Vegas

Bitcoin Expo London 25th Jan With a Dogecoin panel

Vault of Satoshi One of the most reliable Dogecoin Exchanges

BitStamp 19,000K Bitcoin Comprise


More and More people see this operation as a scam.

Coinfire- Amazon  , Paycoin Breach, Josh Garza Mami Conference


Altcoins Seeking to be Delisted from CoinSwap

Hash Profit- Cloud Mining Scam

Japanese News Front Page New Year -Mt.Gox inside job

Interesting Tech News  VIZOR

Follow Up

Messing Services    They’re Coming Around  the Bend

Shout Outs To Podcaster

The Bitcoin Game Rob Mitchell for allowing me to Guest Host on the Show. The tips I have receive for the show in Bitcoin .

Green Up Gaming You can say the name either way

Gotham Knights Podcast

Snake Oil Comics

Out Of The Fridge Comics Podcast Reading my Email

If you Like to hear a hilarious story from my childhood.

Black Widow Ep

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