Lighthouse, two weeks in



Two weeks ago we launched Lighthouse Beta along with the Crypto Projects Gallery. Here’s a quick update about what people have been doing with the app since then.

Medic Mobile

Lighthouse launched with a demo campaign to raise funds for Medic Mobile, via the BitGive Foundation. The goal was to raise 3.5 BTC for charity and more importantly, to let people play with the app to see how it works. We successfully reached this goal within 24 hours of launch and the smart contract transaction that resulted is now visible on the block chain. The Medic Mobile project has now been reset, so we can do another fundraising round.


3.5 BTC may not seem like much, but what about 46 BTC? The BitSquare project is an ambitious attempt to build a fully peer to peer, decentralised Bitcoin exchange that operates in a similar way to…

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