Northern California Championship First Tech Challenge 2014-2015


All this weekend High School Teams around the country compete in Regional Tournaments to find out who built the best Robot.


This is all part of the First Tech Challenge which is a program that has been running since 2005 to encourage students 7-12 to get involve in STEM(Science Technology Engineering  Mathematics). Our very own Shibe u/missingno01 aka Ray Team 524 The Campolindo BossBots compete in  such tournament this weekend. U/missingnoO1 had approach the subreddit Dogecoin to sponsor his team The teams division was Condor Tule Elk Division and made it into the finals Rank #4 out of 20 teams. Lost in the final rounds at 1-2 record but all in all u/missingno01 had a great time and a wonderful experience at the event.

Here is more information on First Tech Challenge and the Tournament

Condor, Tule Elk  Division

Yahoo Group

Reddit Form

You can listen to my Interview of Ray about Robots