Think there aren’t women in bitcoin? Think again.



The bitcoin community—the developers, executives, venture capitalists, policy wonks, academics, and even bloggers who work in, engage with, and support the decentralized technology and the digital currency—has a diversity problem.

It’s no worse than in the technology industry writ large, though some people disagree. Whatever the case, women are very much a minority in the business of bitcoin. But there are more of them than a Fusion piece this week would have you believe.

The story, entitled, “Why bitcoin’s male domination will be its downfall,” garnered fast and furious responses on Twitter from people in the bitcoin community who disputed author Felix Salmon’s representation of the issue. (“Effectively zero,” he says at one point; an “almost complete absence” at another. ) Using Nathaniel Popper’s forthcoming bitcoin book Digital Gold as a jumping-off point, Salmon wrote, “If you are a woman involved with Bitcoin, you are invariably going to get treated…

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