BTCjam Presents AutoInvest – The Easiest Way to Grow Your Coins.


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We are happy to announce our new feature AutoInvest – the simple and powerful investment tool that will allow you to invest into hundreds of loans with just three clicks.

How it works

AutoInvest plans instantly diversify an investment budget into select loans that meet an investor’s selected portfolio criteria. Investors will be able to create plans according to their risk profile with budgets starting at the Bitcoin equivalent to $100 USD.

We offer three different allocation profiles to match the risk appetite of an individual investor. Each of them have an expected return that takes into account what the borrowers are paying and the expected loss for the whole basket of loans. 

As the name implies, this portfolio is for conservative investors.  This plan’s objective to minimize risk and only invests in A and B loans.

This plan invests in A, B, and C rated loan…

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