Digital Endearment and the Monetization of the Like-Button


With relative ease we have the capability of intensifying the like-button to the degree that monetary value can be attached to that like. When it comes to payment transactions across the internet, cryptocurrencies provide a fluid payment network that requires very little commitment on the part of both the tipper and tippee. We should all strive to monetize the like-button because there exists a public desire to express appreciation for something in the form of a tip, and probably a bigger desire to receive that tip for one’s work in the Uber economy.

Up until now the tipping experience has been somewhat limiting. While we as consumers are increasingly carrying out cashless transactions, many of these cashless payment methods restrict our ability to effectively tip with ease (i.e. credit cards, PayPal, ACH). Given the appropriate application, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can be a practical solution in tackling…

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