Musings Of A Shibe : EP 122- The Other Guys


MOSAP- EP 122- The Other Guys- People whom have work on Bitcoin Code


Places People Meet

Dev Mailing List




Bitcoin Talk


Nick Szabo BIPS

Luke Jr

BIPS 2,17-21,22,23145,171,180

Hal Finney

Gavin Anderson BIPS 11-13,34,50,70,101,109

Amri Takki BIPS 1,14,15,33,60

Gregory Maxwell BIPS 09,

Alan Reiner BIP 10

Eric Lombrozo BIPS 83,112, 123-124,141,144

Peter Wuille

BIPS 9,30,32,42,62,66,103,141,143,144

Justus Ranvier

BIP 47,80,81

Mike Hearn BIPS 31,37,64,70

Peter Todd BIP 9,63,65,111

Ryan X Charles

BIP 45 Manuel Araoz BIP 45

Alejo Garcia BIP 45

Jeff Garzik BIP 35,102
Shaolin Fry BIP 8,148,149

How To Find


Twitter @HiroJasShibeSON-



Facebook HiroJa Shibe’s Space Odyssey Network Group




Bitcoin : 1GtJckiM6Z7dKR31ZdnioA92KNgqz6TGSE

Zcash: t1TSXCvGHvmob65Uy5turPnMyRe4nczAQCb

Dogecoin: D7dd8JnmCkx9aFkjZsCKCmVQbDTpVzzJ2k

Amazon Store

This Show Would Not Be Possible Host by Nick and Chris


Music Accreditation The Life Above The Clouds by Maxim Kornyshev

Creative Commons Attribution and Share Alike

Summer 1919 by Unheard Music Concepts is licensed under a Attribution License. Based on a work at

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at or contact artist via email. Interlude Quite Music For Tiny Robots The February Album 2015 The Crossroads Ars Sonor and Total ET Timethod 2016 Metropolis (Bounte Mix) SMP CyberPunk Community Soundtrack No 02 2012 Photo Accreditation


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